Workshop Overview

Everything a young person needs to know about safe sex and contraception.  This workshop explores the many contraceptives available, those that protect against only pregnancy, and those that offer protection from STI’s and unwanted pregnancy.  In depth explanations about how hormonal contraceptives work in the body, such as the contraceptive pill, Depo injection, Implant, Ortho Evra Patch, Mirena Coil, and the NuvaRing including information regarding side effects and correct usage, as well as where to access all forms of contraception including free condoms and emergency contraception.

This workshop also includes a short video depicting a young person’s appointment at a sexual health clinic that gives young people a relatable insight of what to expect when attending an appointment with sexual health services. The video looks at the ways in which confidentially is respected within the context of Fraser Guidelines which will help to reassure young people who are cautious of accessing sexual health advice and contraception, equipping them with the confidence to source and use contraception. (Additionally your local authority may have policies on safeguarding sexually active young people).

This workshop takes an inclusive approach to safe sex and in consideration of  cultural or religious practices where contraception cannot be considered, there is information about both the rhythm  and withdrawal method, these are not advocated for general use amongst young people and the risks of STI’s and pregnancy associated with these methods are clearly explained.

This workshop will help pupils to;

Become empowered to make confident, informed choices about how to keep themselves safe in sexual relationships

Understand the features of positive stable relationships

Know how to seek consent and to respect others’ right to give, not give or withdraw consent, to engage in different degrees of sexual activity AND to recognise when others are using manipulation, persuasion or coercion and how to respond

Know how to access contraception and use it correctly

Understand the nature and importance of marriage, civil partnerships and long-term relationships

Consider different levels of intimacy and their consequences

Understand the risks related to unprotected sex

Understand and respect others faith and cultural expectations concerning relationships and sexual activity

Make informed choices about health and wellbeing matters

Understand the use of contraception, including the condom and pill and to negotiate with sexual partners appropriate and safe condom use

Recognise that certain infections can be spread through sexual activity and that barrier contraceptives offer some protection against certain STIs

Become aware of the safe use of over the counter and prescribed medications

Be aware of the information, advice and guidance available to them and how to access the most appropriate support

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