Workshop Overview

HIV & AIDS Awareness is 20 minute video workshop, which aims to increase student’s knowledge and awareness of the HIV Virus, by looking at what HIV means, how if affects the immune system and known transmission routes. Signs, symptoms and testing are covered in detail. Pupils are also made aware of the impact on long term health of HIV, how they can reduce their risk as well as a focus on prevention strategies for keeping safe and a condom demonstration.

Misconceptions surrounding HIV and the stereotypes perceived to be at risk are challenged.  Statistics are used to represent the impact of HIV and AIDS on a global, national and local scale. This workshop also includes a brief video of a person talking about what it is really like to be diagnosed with HIV and challenges faced when telling family and friends.

This workshop will help pupils to;

Differentiate between HIV and AIDS and understand viral impact on immunity

Recognise ways to achieve and maintain good sexual health and wellbeing

Identify and access advice and support agencies, including local facilities

Promote a sense of responsibility for looking after their own sexual health

Explore misconceptions of stereotypes of those most at risk of contracting HIV and recognise factors of risky sexual behaviour which increase STI risk

Be empowered to make positive, informed choices about contraception throughout life taking into account changes in contraception needs, depending on life/relationship stage and faith or cultural practices

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