Workshop Overview

The Mental Health & Well-being Workshop, will explore issues around depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, self esteem and self harm. Giving young people a greater understanding of some of the most common mental health conditions; how they can make us think, feel and behave, how we can learn to identify triggers, where we can go for help and advice – including what to expect when referred into services and some essential skills that can help us to better manage our emotional health in times of stress.

This workshop will help pupils to;

Recognise personal strengths and how this affects self-confidence and self-esteem

Understand that self-esteem can change with personal circumstances

Recognise the characteristics of mental health and strategies for managing it

Understand the causes and triggers of unhealthy coping strategies

Understand the importance of taking increased responsibility for their own mental health

Understand the benefits of physical activity and the importance of sleep 

Confidently access local health services and other sources of support  

Strategies for managing stress, anxiety and depression

recognise the characteristics of mental health and its causes, symptoms and common treatments

Recognise and manage triggers

Recognise their own core values and how these influence their choices about the information and advice available to them and how to access the most appropriate support

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