This workshop looks at the many different types of relationships that young people have in a range of contexts and explores themes such as boundaries, appropriate behaviour, consent, and the power balance between children and adults that govern these relationships.

Pupils are encouraged to consider their own boundaries (unspoken rules) and how they enforce these, whilst being aware of, and respectful of the boundaries of other people. The concepts of secrets and surprises are discussed, and where to go for help, if a relationship or secret is making us feel unsafe or upset.

Online relationships are an inclusive part of this workshop, pupils will make comparisons between the ways we interact with others face to face, and the way we interact in the virtual world over social media and online gaming through Xbox live and PlayStation network.

This workshop helps pupils to;

Deepen their understanding of good and not so good feelings, to extend their vocabulary to enable them to explain both the range and intensity of their feelings to others

Recognise how their increasing independence, bring increased responsibility to keep themselves and others safe

Understand how pressure to behave in unacceptable, unhealthy or risky ways can come from a variety of sources including the media

Develop strategies for keeping safe online, the importance of protecting personal information and the distribution of images of themselves and others

Recognise and respond appropriately to a wider range of feelings in others and that their actions affect themselves and others

Recognise what constitutes a positive healthy relationship and develop skills to form and maintain relationships

Recognise ways in which relationships can be unhealthy and where to go for help

Recognise different types of relationships and the different boundaries that come with these relationships

Understand that their actions affect themselves and others

To judge what kind of physical contact is and is not acceptable and how to respond

Recognise the difference between secrets and surprises

Develop strategies to resolve conflict and disputes

Understand how to recognise bullying in all its forms

Understand personal boundaries; to identify what they are willing to share with their most special people and that we all have rights to privacy

Realise the consequences of antisocial, aggressive and harmful behaviours such as bullying and discrimination and how to respond accordingly

Respect themselves and others and understand the importance of responsible behaviours and actions in resolving differences

Critically examine social media and how this can misrepresent and influence attitudes, opinions and behaviours

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