Puberty & Personal Hygiene

This workshop gives young people everything they need to know about puberty, what to expect and practical ways of managing and adjusting to the many physical and emotional changed ahead.

Periods; what they are, why girls have them, the tell tale signs that let you know when your about to start having periods, advice on how to broach the subject with parents/carers, what’s available in the way of sanitary wear, including demonstrations with towels, tampons, moon cup and reusable sanitary products.

Personal hygiene – dealing with body odour, skin changes, spots and acne as well as the awkward issues of random erections, wet dreams, body hair and the perils of shaving too soon without adult guidance.

There is also a focus on emotional well-being, being able to recognise when how we feel is related to hormonal mood swings, or indicators of other issues such as anxiety, panic attacks or depression and strategies for managing our emotions and being able to ask for help with this when needed.

This workshop will help pupils;

To recognize the changes which take place during puberty

To recognize the changes which take place during puberty

To recognize the changes which take place during puberty

To recognize the changes which take place during puberty

Understand what positively and negatively affects their physical, mental and emotional health

Know how to make informed choices and begin to understand the concept of a balanced lifestyle

To deepen their understanding of good and not so good feelings, to extend their vocabulary to enable them to explain both the range and intensity of their feelings to others

Recognise that they may experience conflicting emotions and when they might need to listen to or overcome these

To recognise how their increasing independence brings increased responsibility

Understand how peer pressure can come from various sources

Understand how to resist pressure to do something dangerous, unhealthy, uncomfortable and anxious

Understand how their body and emotions may change as they move through puberty

Gain an insight about human reproduction

Learn about taking care of their body, and understand that they have the right to protect their body from unwanted and inappropriate contact

Recognise people who are responsible to help them stay safe and how to keep themselves safe

Recognise that their actions affect themselves and others. To judge what kind of physical contact is acceptable or unacceptable and how to respond.

Understand about the difference between, and the terms associated with, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation

Understand personal boundaries; to identify what they are willing to share with their most special people, and that we all have rights to privacy

Help pupils understand that they have different responsibilities at home, school and in the community

Critically examine what is presented to them in social media