KS3/KS4 Relationships, Sex & Consent


A 30 minute workshop covering, relationships, sexual consent, and safe sex, including a condom demonstration. Including Lesson Overviews and Pupil worksheets to download.


The Relationships, sex and consent workshop explores the many complexities of teen relationships, giving clear examples of the qualities of positive, respectful relationships, and how to recognise and respond when relationships become unhealthy and or abusive. Consent is a reoccurring theme throughout this session, and this is discussed in a variety of contexts, intimate relationships, situations of exploitation and grooming and the ways in which drugs and alcohol can impede a persons legal capacity to give consent.

The NSPCC Video ‘The story of Jay’ is used to initiate candid discussions about abusive relationships, power, coercion, control, and the law surrounding consent. The students are given information on where to go for help and advice should they ever have concerns about themselves or others.

There is a brief focus on the influence of pornography on shaping perceptions and expectations of sexual relationships.  Safe sexual practices are advised, along with information of how and where to access local sexual health services including, emergency contraception, screening, pregnancy testing and referral pathways for termination of pregnancy.  The session end with a condom demonstration


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