Workshop Overview

This fun and engaging workshop explores the many forms of risky behaviour that young people may engage in, including underage sex, experimenting with drugs or alcohol, anti-social behaviour and using social media to produce and exchange indecent images (sexting). Students are encouraged to consider factors that influence their decisions when it comes to risky behaviour, including peer pressure, illegal substances and emotional situations and ways that these influences can be managed.

There is a focus on the ways that a persons social media reputation can have a negative impact on other areas of life, for example; becoming a barrier to further education or employment,  and potential legal repercussions in cases of harassment, and posting of homophobic, racist or extremist comments, and the potential for instances of ‘sexting’  to be investigated under child sex offences legislation.

This workshop includes a video showing the impact of drink driving.

This workshop will help pupils to;

Recognise and reduce risk, to minimise harm and develop strategies for getting help in emergency and risky situations

Obtain information about legal and illegal substances, including alcohol

Understand the law relating to the supply, use and misuse of legal and illegal substances

Recognise and employ strategies to manage different influences (including peer influence) on their decisions about the use of substances

Understand the personal and social risks and consequences of substance use and misuse, including the benefits of not drinking alcohol

Understand the use of contraception, including the condom and pill and to develop the confidence to be able to negotiate condom use

Understand that certain infections can be spread through sexual activity and that barrier contraceptives offer some protection against certain STIs

Develop an awareness of exploitation, bullying, harassment and control in relationships

Appropriately seek consent and to respect others’ right to give, not give or withdraw consent, to engage in different degrees of sexual activity AND to recognise when others are using manipulation, persuasion or coercion and how to respond

Recognise the impact of drugs and alcohol on choices and sexual behaviour

Know how to access contraception and to use it correctly

Understand the safe and responsible use of information communication technology (including safe management of own and others personal data including images)

Manage any request or pressure to share an image of themselves or of others and who to talk to if they have concerns

Recognise when the sharing of explicit images may constitute a serious criminal offence

Recognise the importance of protecting their own reputation and that of others and thus protecting their ‘online presence’

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