Alternative Settings

All of the workshops can be adapted to fit with your setting/young people, be that a youth group, schools for children with SEND, particularly small or large groups – nothing is impossible! There is also the option of combining workshops across a morning or afternoon to cover PPA time.

Nurture Groups

Small group work (4-8 young people) delivered over the course of four weeks addressing issues affecting the pupils participating. Typical themes of the nurture groups are;

emotional literacy,

social currency,

low self-esteem/confidence, managing emotions and or anxiety,

empowering young women to expect respect.

One to One support

One to one work with students is undertaken on a case by case review and provided by a fully qualified BA (Hons) Youth Worker, trained in counselling concepts, to help young people achieve a greater level of emotional literacy. This intervention can be useful where there are concerns about a young persons behaviour or emotional well-being. A free of charge initial meeting with school to assess a pupils suitability would take place before any work with a young person was agreed. If you have concerns about a pupil, please feel free to call for an informal chat.